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giddin off duh gridd peeber style

May 6, 2012

hey nowz yall z itz duh timez for u ta know dat dis b justin peeber and like we all about to be not bloggginz for a cupple daze and like woodsin but dont b missin out on da tour vidzeo permeer like on da tuesday at eight now yall oh tehhhhzzzzzz

offuh duh grid b

May 6, 2012

hey yyo my kiddies dis b justin peeber to say we gun be not bloggin for a couple dayssss but hang on for tuesdays tour videoooooo


May 8, 2011

We rolled back into town today after playing a strange show in Chicago with some awesome psychedelic bands.  Definitely felt out of place.  City folk have a way of making me feel overly earnest and naive, especially in Chicago.  The venue was built in an old warehouse covered in graffeti and some living space/ show space/ gallery space/ skate park/ garage sort of built into this old warehouse.  No one there seemed confident in what it used to be a warehouse for, they’ve just been hard at work making a beautiful space hidden behind dank nicked up bricks.

I’m feeling kind of bummed to be back home.  It’s hard leaving a surreal life style where I eat pizza literally everyday.  I show up in every city as a stranger with no history.  People crowd around and give me attention for something I genuinely enjoy doing.  Strange things happening at any given moment in everchanging landscapes.  Home can’t compare to that.  There’s no adventure back home.  I think I just needed more to get it out of my system.  I suppose I better get to work setting up another tour and better start running off my pizza belly.


T’s Pizza, Hobart, IN

May 8, 2011

James: Small towns hold great potential for hidden pizza treasure. This pie was the treasure we were looking for. Affordable pricing for solid, consistent pizza is the way that life should work.

Jarab: If your even around the Gary Indian area I would first recommend getting out of Gary. Then I would recommend heading over to T’s pizza in Hobart IN and picking up some delicious, inexpensive pies. Everything from the crust up was exceptionally satisfying. This is the pie that Bazbeaux wishes they made. 10 out of 10.

Jeremy: This is the embodiment of a working class pizza. Reliably cheesy, a sauce that worked harder than straight out of the can, but not drawing too much attention. My let down was definitely in the toppings. The green peppers and onions were both pretty weak, but overall still pretty enjoyable. B+

This pizza was sponsored in the 11th hour by the amazing Rosie Florian. In our gratitude we performed the dance of prosperity for her upcoming growing season.

Bazbeaux Pizza, Indianapolis, IN

May 8, 2011

James: The selection at Bazbeaux was impressive. We opted for two specialty pies: one mexi-style and one piled with meats and veggies of all types. Each topping sang its song clearly and loudly. The onions especially were rich and sweet.

Jarab: I was completely unimpressed with Bazbeaux pizza. We were promised one of the best pizzas in the whole city. Indianapolis must not have good pizza. We ordered a Mexican pizza and some kind of meat mayhem pizza. Both pies were crafted with essentially bland and tasteless toppings, sauce and cheese that merely gave the illusion of flavor. The beer selection was good. 6 out of 10.

Jeremy: The Mexi-pie had a wonderful bean and salsa sauce substitute, a fresh mix of veggies, and cheddar cheese. The onion was crisp and dripping with flavor. The only illusion of flavor I experienced was the illusion that I was still eating this pie long afterwords due to the extreme level of taste lingering in my mouth. The crust was fairly unremarkable so, A -

This pizza was sponsored by Ashley Duke, aka EL SIGSBEE. She makes a lot of awesome things like backpacks and purses by hand. Check ‘em out.

Saint Louis, MO The Good Pie

May 7, 2011

James: This pie was set inside a wonderful place, the Good Pie. There were brick walls and old bicycles hanging from the ceiling, and we spotted a large stone pizza oven behind the counter. The pizza was quickly delivered to our table and we were floored. It looked and tasted like a dream. Excellent sauce, light crust, and the freshest toppings collided right in front of us.

Jarab: The good pie. I would rename it the perfect pie. Thin brick oven fired crust. Toppings so good they tasted like they came straight out of the garden of Eden. Fantastically flavorful cheese. The only downside was price at about $13.00 for a 10” pie. 9.1 out of 10.

Jeremy: We started off with two pizzas, the veggie of which was a roasted mushroom. Wood fire in a stove oven. Not a word was said between us as we ate the pizza. Only an appreciative zen, realizing we had reached our Mecca. Despite being full we ordered a third pizza, an unbelievable spinach and garlic topped circle of bliss. A+

This pizza was sponsored by David SK, the gold standard of friendship.   


May 7, 2011

I went to bed somewhere around 6am this morning. Really, the show/party at the Manor had finished out around 3: 30, but the internet is a big internet, and I found myself firmly within it’s clutches. Such it is sometimes.

Slothpop did not get to play, as their guitar player broke his collarbone. The last minute fill-in, however, was awesome nonetheless. Christian Taylor and Homeschool – last night being represented by a two-piece, played the kind of blues-infused rock and roll that puts me in leanin’-back kind of mood. Christian borrowed James’ guitar and amp for the set, and played it like it had been his the whole time. The other player in the band switched between acoustic slide guitar, melodica, and a Casio Synth guitar. Awesome.

We played afterwards, and played a good set if I do say so. It was sort of strange staying at a decent volume in a living room with wood floors, but I think we pulled it off. By the time we played there was a pretty good crowd, and they seemed to like us, anyway.

The last set was a local Indianapolis band called Amo Joy, and they were awesome.  Great rock and roll that really made me feel like moving around and dancing. I can’t wait to play with these guys again when they come through to Kalamazoo in a month.

After Amo Joy’s phenomenal set, the Son Drop Boys sat around both inside the Manor and out on it’s two couches and formidable porch. We made some new friends and had some good talks and drank some beer and it was a nice evening / late night / early morning experience. Read more…


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